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Love or Hate -The dilemma in her heart

Rs. 150

It has been ten years since Priya left Dhruv. But he is still in search of her.  Dhruv is an RockStar who has dedicated all his songs to her. He has everything in his life from love, life and money but he doesn't have the most important thing in life-the love of his life. 
What happened between them? 
Does Dhruv finally find Priya?
Does love exsist? 
Read Love or Hate- The dilemma in her heart to find out. 

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Dhruthik Shankar

Romance, Thriller, Poems

No one writes quite like Dhruhik. His books keep you engaged from the beginning till the end. If you are looking for a book out of the ordinary, then his books will never let you down. He is currently working on his new novel.

Bharath R


No one writes quite like Bharath. If you are into captivating Romance books, Bharath is definitely the author for you. You won’t be able to put down these books. He is currently working on his  debut novel.


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