Two Reflections of My Heart

Two Reflections of My Heart

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Aarav is a Successful Entrepreneur, he is one of the top entrepreneurs in India.
On a business deal to the US, he receives a phone call from his friend stating his best friend had attempted suicide.
A best friend with whom it had been 3 years since he had spoken to.
The sole reason being the love of his life-Anjali who was also away from him.
Aarav for whom love and Friendship were the most important aspect of his life, had forgotten about the same and lived life alone. Yet one phone call brought back the old memories and made him rush to save his best friend.

What happened between Ishaan and Aarav?

Who is Anjali?

Why are they not together?

What is the story that bonds three of them together?

What are the Two Reflections of heart?

Read "Two Reflections of my heart" to find out.


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