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A Woman( Poem)

A mother,

Who gives life to you,

Who takes care of you,

Stands by you,

Loves you unconditionally,

Never lets you go.

A friend,

When you need her the most,

Loves you,

In the most deprived part of your life,

Shares all your sadness,

Yet keeps you happy.

A sister,

Who understands,

The way you feel,

Who knows all your needs,

Who stands beside you through everything,

Who loves you from heart,

No matter how much you fight.

A wife,

Who scarifies the whole world for you,

who gives you your daily dose of smile,

Who looks after you and your family unconditionally,

Who is a mother to our child,

Bears all the pain to herself and gives only happiness to you.

A daughter,

Who is a blessing,

A treasure from the above,

The one who fiils you with special joy,

Who makes you proud,

Who gives happiness with even simple things,

Who shows me what is special in everything that life brings

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